Crete cuisine

Crete has a rich and -above all- healthy traditional cuisine. Some of the more common are served on the taverns and restaurants of the island and can be found easily. We list them bellow:


dakos.jpgDakos or koukouvaya also named Crete Salad is very tasty and healthy food made with a round whole grain wheat or barley rusk for the base, sprinkled with one grated tomato on top, olive oil, crumbled feta cheese, pepper and some oregano. Only the rusks are baked, the rest is raw.


Xerotigana, are delicious pastries in a spiral shape. Pastry is made of flour fried in olive oil, dipped into a syrup made of honey, sugar, water, with a topping of sesame seeds, walnuts and cinnamon.


Snails are another strange but tasty Cretan recipe.

xoxlioi.jpg-Fried snails or Hohlie Buburisti,  are fresh snails in their shell, fried in olive oil with vinegar and some rosemary. Served with its delicious oil sauce.

-Snails with ground wheat or Hohlie Me Hontro are made from fresh snails in their shell, boiled in a pot with tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil. Afterwards some bulgur (or wheat) is added and boiled.


Salty Cheese Pies or Myzithropitakia are made of fresh local myzithra cheese (similar to ricotta or farmer’s cheese), wrapped in hand made thin pastry sheet (phyllo) and fried in olive oil. Served like that -slight salty- or sweetened with honey drizzling. A variety of those are Spanakopitakia or Hortopitakia with a salty spinach or local herbs filling.


Sweet Cheese Pastries or Kalitsunia are also made of fresh local myzithra folded in dough pouch shaped base, then baked or fried in olive oil. The dough contains cinnamon, sugar, egg, orange peel.



Volvoi or Ascordoulaki, are roots of the blue hyacinth plant boiled in water, and afterwards sprinkled with vinegar, oil and salt. Another ancient Greek recipe.


Zucchini Omelet or  Sfougato, an oven or fried omelet in olive oil with zucchinis, onions, feta cheese and herbs. Ingredients are flexible however olive oil and zucchinis are necessary.


Cretan Meat Pie or Kreatopita is a baked pie rolled up into a plyllo pastry with a filling of boiled lamb (or other meat), onions, garlic, cheese, olive oil and spices


elies.jpgOlives or Elies in Crete are an ancient traditional snack.

-Green crushed olives or Tsakistes are green olives opened with a flat stone, then left into a water and salt jar for some days to ripe.

-Black Salted Olives or Pastes are black olives, drained and covered in layers with coarse salt and left for some days.

-Pickled Olives or Ksydates are big black olives dipped into a water and salt jar, then soaked into vinegar for a short while, then preserved into olive oil.